Ex Satanist Zymmerkee exposes Halloween.

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Zymmerkee, an Ex Satanist exposes Halloween. He kindly wrote this article for my blog. You can contact him on his YouTube channel Zymmerkee. For similar testimonies, or radio interviews of myself with Ex Satanists over the years, please see my LINK.

Anton LaVey Anton LaVey


“Abstain from all appearance of evil.” (1 Thessalonians 5:22).

It is believed that Halloween has its origins in Ireland and was celebrated by pagans as a harvest festival, which they called “Samhain”, pronounced “sow-en”. Later on, it got anglicised to “All Hallows’ Eve”. Traditionally Samhain falls on November the 1st. The Celts intermingled as a society around 800 BC.

It was the celebration of their new year, and it was their most significant and most important holy day. The word “Samhain” comes from the Gaelic words for “summer” and “end”. They believed that at this time, the year’s dead would traverse between the acausal…

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