Christian College takes a ‘Position’ but Does Nothing to Ban LGBT at School

A small, Christian college in South Carolina said on Friday it had not banned gay students or homosexuality from its campus under its controversial new “Statement on Human Sexuality,” which calls the practice sinful.  It is merely a POSITION, that they have taken.  

From a biblical standpoint, what is the church, a religious organization to do with a so-called brother/sister, who calls himself a Christian, and practices homosexuality?  Brace yourself for some truth.  You might not like it.

It is impossible for the Holy Spirit to dwell within a body that has demonic spirits (1 John 3:6 -10;5:1).  Is being LGBT demonic?  Scripture tell us it is (Romans 1: 24-32/Galatian 5: 19/Jude 1:7). I have heard all sides of the debate about how Christians should deal with other Christians in sin.  Of course in love, we are to rebuke the sin, expose the sin (Galatians 6:1, Matthew 18:15), and the person who loves the Lord…

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