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Taking a Hike Through Hebrews

We were all ready for a quick trip to another town to see Randy’s grandmother who was quite ill in the hospital. We thought of everything to take for our toddlers so we could keep them busy and clean. We thought we had it all together until the car sputtered and died along the side of the highway. No gas. Tank was empty. We forgot to fill up for the journey.

In our race to get where we are going we forget to fill up on faith that we will get there only by the grace of God, through Jesus Christ, His Son. We disqualify ourselves through disobedience, going our own way, by our own methods and never get where God is. God promises an eternity with Him, rest in Him, forever. But along with the promises requires our all our faith in Him in…

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“Come Out From Among Them” by Dr. Jené Walker

Dr. Jené Walker

I know you?re familiar with soul ties. Whenever we connect with a person sexually, we become ?one? with that person. Jehovah intended for sex to be strictly in the context of God ordained marriages. Jehovah created sex for procreation. If a sexual act doesn?t cause fruit, God didn?t create the act. Homosexual sex doesn’t lead to being fruitful and multiplying. Anal sex doesn?t lead to being fruitful and multiplying. Oral sex doesn?t lead to being fruitful and multiplying. So when we perform or allow these acts to be performed on us, we are opening up spiritual portals for all kinds of demons to enter us. Think of conjuring. To conjure is to call upon (a spirit or ghost) to appear, by means of a magic ritual. When we participate in pagan ritualistic sex (sex outside of marriage, anal, oral, homosexual sex) we are conjuring up pagan gods and spirits. These…

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The Shocking Reason millions of born again Christians will still vote for Hillary

Mario Murillo Ministries

The Shocking Reason millions of born again Christians will still vote for Hillary

By Mario Murillo

She is a smooth criminal. She is the consort of a sexual addict.  She is chugging the longest train of scandal and lawlessness in history toward the White House.  Box cars overflow with federal crimes, defilement, unexplained deaths, pathological lies, and an insatiable lust for power.  She wants the savagery of late term abortion.  She believes marriage is between a man and anything.

However, the greatest horror resides in the caboose: She will feed and expand the cancer of Obama’s policies.  Thus, she will turn up the blood-letting of government spending and doom our children.  Our foreign policy will be one big blazing Benghazi. Our Supreme Court will become a left-wing meat grinder. Obamacare is dead; no mind, she will manage the morgue so the corpse putrefies our health care system indefinitely.

Say you…

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